SMSClient – The database file is larger than the configured maximum database size


When starting SMSClient the following message is displayed:

The database file is larger than the configured maximum database size. This setting takes effect on the first concurrent database connection only. [ Required Max Database Size (in MB; 0 if unknown) = 257 ]


The default maximum size for a Microsoft CE database is 256MB. (SMSClient version 3.2 and later set the default to 1024MB). The database has now reached the maximum size.


Update the SMSClient configuration file to allow a larger database.

  • Open a new Command Prompt window.
    Windows XP users: Click on Start->All Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt.
    Windows Vista, Windows 7 users: Click on Start->All Programs->Accessories and the right-click on Command Prompt, and click on Run as administrator
  • Type the following in the command window that just opened:
    cd "C:\Program Files\C.A & W Services CC\SMS Client"
    and press enter
  • Type the following:
    copy SMSClient.exe.config
    and press enter
  • Type the following:
    notepad SMSClient.exe.config
    and press enter
  • Find the line that reads (line 78):
    connectionString="Data Source="C:\ProgramData\SMSClient\SMS.sdf""

    and add the text Max Database Size=1024; at the end of the connection string (note the ‘;’ at the end of the text). Do not replace any of the other characters in the string.
    If the maximum size is already set at 1024 and it still proves insufficient, set it to a larger number such as 2048 or 4096. Do not set it higher that 1048576.


connectionString="Data Source="C:\ProgramData\SMSClient\SMS.sdf""


connectionString="Data Source="C:\ProgramData\SMSClient\SMS.sdf";Max Database Size=1024;"

Be careful not to change anything else in the file. If this edit is not made correctly then SMS Client will fail to run

Save the file and start SMSClient.